Thursday, April 6, 2017

The Giver by Lois Lowry

The Giver  Movie V.S Book

A past few weeks our class has been reading The Giver  by Lois Lowry, and we watched the the movie. There are a few change in the Movie still respecting the book.  The Giver movie and The Giver book they are  the same thing but despite the small changes I think that the Movie did and awesome job. The first change was Asher, Jonas’s friend was a drone pilot instead. And Fiona gets the job of a nurture just like Jonas’s dad instead of the job of taking care of the old.  One of the changes that I liked was Chief Elder being the main conflict in the movie. I liked the movie better than the book because there was action and thriller and a happy ending in the movie. In the The Giver book we did not  know the ending, there was not much of a conflict, not so much action there was in the movie. Another reason why I like the movie better is because there is action, romance(love), and excitement. Not so much in the The Giver book. Their was a lot of romance in the movie; in the book Jonas had only one stirring but in the Movie there was romance between Jonas and Fiona. Jonas did feel love in the memories in the book and the movie; but in the movie he felt for the first time at the part where Fiona and Jonas danced together with other elders, younger, having fun. Emotions was another change. Jonas and the The Giver were the only one’s who felt things for others, Fiona started to feel emotions as well. Asher had a little bit of feelings for Jonas when he dropped him the water when Jonas was running away with Gabe. One of the biggest changes was the movie was told by Jonas’s perspective, which means it was told in first person. The Giver book was not told by Jonas’s perspective. Excitement/ action comes if Jonas was going make to the elsewhere, and save Fiona from dieing. Action comes when he is running away from the community and his dwelling to save Gabe and to release the memories. So the community can get them.(So The Giver and Jonas do not have to handle them anymore.) The movie and the book are really good and I recommend reading the book and watching the movie. But in my personal opinion I prefer the movie over the book because you could watch it. And because there is excitement, romance(love), action. You may like the book better than movie or you may like the movie better than the book. In conclusion I like the movie better than the movie. And I think you should try the book and the movie.   

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Papa Interview

Jaspawan Kaur 
Period 1

                    Papa’s Life

It was Saturday afternoon.
“Papa, can I interview you, for my english class?” I asked my Papa.
“Of course.” He said with a exciting voice. While sitting on our green sofa, while he was drinking tea. “Do you want to do it on Tuesday?” 
“Sure,” he responded back.  

It was a Tuesday. My grandpa was sitting on the the green sofa, he had just came out from his room. My grandma handed him a cup of chai. I ran inside my room to get paper and pencil so I can write down the answer of my questions. I ran back outside sat across from him. “Are you ready.” 
“Yeah.” He was watching T.V and talking to my grandma about politics.

My grandpa has grey white beard. Rosey red cheeks. Well he kind of looks like santa clause. With hazel green eyes twinkle.His loud voice fills the house. He’s always smiling. Always wears grey shirt and grey loose pajamas. Orange yellow turban that's usually loose not as tight as my dads. His wrinkle skin is soft. And his stomach is loose and round.My Papa was grown up in a small village( farms).

Me and my Papa where sitting on our green sofa. He was drinking chai tea. 
“Pambi chal karia.” he said to me.
“ Okay.” I responded back. My mom was sitting on our red soft carpet, so she can help me ask my papa questions. She was basically sitting there to translate. 

“Papa how was your childhood like?”
“Well me and my friends played a lot of sports,” “ We played kabaddi, which is a Punjabi sport, most of the boys in our village played kabaddi.” “ By most I mean all the boys who grew up up in Punjab played kabaddi.” He responded cheerfully. “ We also had to take animals such as cows, outside so we can feed them.” “ We jumped off of balconies.” He added on.
“ You be thinking Papa broke bones and stuff like that. But they jumped off of mud houses and then landed in mud.” My mom added in to my Papa’s talk. 
“ We did a lot of stuff.” “ And have been through so much.” “There's not much that I can say.” My grandpa he said with a not so cheerful voice.

“ What games did you play when you were young.” 
“ Well I have told you we played kabaddi.” He responded back.
“ Beside kabaddi.” “ Didn't dad play kabaddi when growing up?” I said back laughing.
“ Yes, your dad did play kabaddi as well. Other sports that we played were hockey.” He said “ That's the only things I can remember playing.”

“ Papa how was school back then? And we're you a good student?”
“ Well I don't know about the student part.” He said in cheerful voice. “ Schools were really strict.” “ You got spanked if you didn't bring homework to school, sometimes punishments could get worse.” “Kadi murgi bontha hunda si,  if your homework wasn't turned in, but that punishment was only for boys.” “ The girls had to put their hands up for a long time.” He responded back. 

“What is one the memories that you remember when you were a kid?” 
“ This is not a good memory,” “ I ran to a different town and the towns were really near, and I was in trouble that's why I was running.” “ As you know Pambi your mahana dada was in the military, and of course I got caught, he spanked really hard and I can't forget that for sure.” My Papa said.
“ Was getting spanked your punishments?” 
“ Hanji, it was.” He responded quickly

“Pawan how many more questions left?” My Papa asked me.
“ One more.” I responded back. “I’ll be right back I need to go get another piece of paper, and glass of water.” I ran into my room then to the kitchen to get a glass of water. 
“ I’m back, are you ready?” i asked my Papa
“ Yep.” He responded back. 

“ What was your favorite holiday?” I asked m Papa 
“ It was Lodi, it is kind of like Halloween.” “ But instead of asking for candy you ask for money.” “ Sometimes me and my friends stole sugarcanes in other people's farms.” “We also went to the Gurudwara to help serve and, langar karn jana.” He responded back.

“Papa thank you for your time.” 
“ No problem, I have to go get a shower, so I can pray before it’s too late.” He cheerfully responded back.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Dally's Death

I think Dally's death is sadder because, Johnny was the only thing that Dally had. Johnny followed his lead so he can be tough and strong like him so he can self defense himself.
 I think Dally was gallant, because he took the blame of killing Bob and jumped on even if me knew he was going to jail. He stole from a grocery store so the police can ome after him, and he let the police shoot him.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016


  1. Dally: “…Crazy for wanting Johnny to stay outa trouble, for not wantin’ him to get hard.  If he’d been like me he’d never have been in this mess.  If he’d got smart like me he’d never have run into that church.  That’s what you get for helpin’ people.  Editorials in the paper and a lot of trouble… You’d better wise up, Pony… you get tough like me and you don’t get hurt.  You look out for yourself and nothin’ can touch you…”  (pssst: irony.)
  2. Johnny: “Stay gold.”
 I think quote one means, if Johnny was a little bit more stronger he would have made through the fire. Ans if Johnny would have used his brain not go helpin' people out, and he would not be in the hospital right now. 

When Johnny says "stay gold" to Ponyboy, I think it meant not to loose your shine or your personality. 

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Glowing Book

Alex hasn't been sleeping a lot. In her class, the book her grandmother gave her starts to make humming noises and starts to glow. Conner thought it was because of puberty, girls at his sisters age start to change. One night he got up and checked on his sister. There were noises coming out of her room. He asked "what's going on", she said "'It's mating season for bees.'" And in class she started to doze off, and didn't know any answers for Mrs. Peters questions.The book starts to hum in her back pack, she asks if she can go to the bathroom then Conner makes up an excuse. Conner follows his sister  to the bathroom and then she explains what's going on. He doesn't believe her at first, when the book starts to hum and glow again then he does. I wonder why, the book is glowing.  Then Conner gets dentention for throwing a book at Mrs. Peters.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Brithday Suprise

Alex and Coner are having their twelveth brithday. Their mom can't spend any time with them on the day but they get a surprise.  The surprise turns out to be their grandma. They barely see their grandma. I wonder why Coner felt bad after a presentation? If I was Alex, I would kind of do what she, put answers in for my twin brother who didn't. That might be the wrong thing to do as student, but as a sister it's a fair thing to do for you brother or sister. But, from my perspective, I would never do that;  I don't want to be in dentention. Alex and Coner are happy at the same time, they get a nice yummy dinner (not frozen food) from their grandma. Alex gets a book she loves a lot "Land of Stories."  While she is sleeping, the book glows and noises come out of it. I wonder if this book is magical?

Monday, October 3, 2016


Alex and Coner, pass "their" blue bright house, going to their rental brown house. When they enter inside, the book describes it as "not bright or colorful, with boxes still not unpacked and Alex and Coner not wanting to unpack."  Alex's room is like a libarary, chapters of books to encyclopedias. On the other hand,  Coner is messy, half eaten grilled cheese on clothing. I wonder how they feel about  their mom not being with them the whole entire day.  They describe it like both of their parents are dead. Their mom works at a children hospital. I wonder how their mom feel about her kids, and her not spending time with her kids?